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Sleep – A Happy Medium, Please?

I’ve started thinking of sleep lately like a dysfunctional boyfriend.   Seriously, sleep and I have had a love/hate thing going on for as long as I can remember, and never seem to find just a happy balance where we can … Continue reading

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Censorship. Not a Fan.

Please sit down, grab a cold beverage, and get ready for an eyeful of Carrie ranting.  Ok, maybe it’s not ranting.  More venting.  Or bitching.  Or over sharing in true me fashion. Whatever, it is what it is, so any … Continue reading

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Survival Skills and Trust Issues

My dear friend Cat posted today about trust issues.  How she has them, and when she met me, she was bothered that I didn’t.   That I loved everybody and got through even the most mundane of tasks while having a … Continue reading

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I Heart Zombies

I admit it.  I’ve hopped on the zombie train full force.  Enough so that my Halloween costume is going to be zombified…  Now, I’m not going to spill the beans on my entire ensemble, as I really want to post … Continue reading

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A Non-Blog Blog

Tonight, instead of blogging, I’m going to share the reasons I’m not blogging.  Whatever, it let’s ya’ll know I didn’t die or anything, plus I get to make a list, which might serve to make me smile. WHY I’M NOT … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want to Be Nice

I’ve been nice lately.  Like, really nice.  Caring, worried about other people’s feelings, overly concerned with whatever crap people are dealing with.  Until a couple of days ago, and apparently my empathy took a nose dive, leaving me with not … Continue reading

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Another All About Me List

Anything I attempt to write about this evening would most likely provoke tears, and since I’m knee deep in denial and avoidance right now in regards to anything that has me stressed out, I am going to share with you … Continue reading

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