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I Want, I Need, I Deserve…

You know what happens when you wake up at 3am, don’t turn on the TV, and sit in the quiet for hours before finally giving up and going for a run in the dark?   You think.   You think a lot. … Continue reading

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Dating Tips From the Trenches: Cohabitation 101, or Where the F is My Drink?

Ok people, it’s common knowledge that the dude and I have moved in together.   This ain’t my first rodeo; I’ve had live in boyfriends, roommates (most of them crazy as fuck), and also one of those husband types for a … Continue reading

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Rocker Mom PSA – How to Avoid Being a Dick at the Gym

Little known fact y’all probably aren’t aware of:   This girl became a certified personal trainer back in 2007.     I didn’t do a whole lot with it at the time, as I had a 3 year old and an 18 month … Continue reading

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