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Why I Gave In to Yoga and Where It’s Taking Me

I’ll be the first one to admit, I’ve been that asshole who used to be like “Oh yoga?   Not for me, thanks… I like to WORK OUT.” Yeah, I know.   I was a complete jerk.   I also … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality! The End is Coming… Oh, Wait… Maybe Not

The past 24 hours, my Facebook and Twitter feed have been overtaken by beautiful rainbows of harmonious love, happiness, and joy.    Aside from a handful of narrow minded bigotry, the United States survived not only the recognition of marriage … Continue reading

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Why This Mom is Furious Over the Caitlyn Jenner News

It’s not why you may think.   I’m not about to hop up here on my high horse and preach about “normalcy” and what it means to be a woman.    I’m not here to spread more hate, more fear … Continue reading

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Why Victimizing Josh Duggar Slaps His and Other Abuse Victims in the Face

We live in a society built on appearances.   Children are taught to fear the creepy, weird looking dude down the street or watch out for someone who looks/acts/speaks differently than they do.    We are trained to embrace those … Continue reading

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Epoxy Countertops, Plywood Plank Floors and Mosaic Fireplace DIY

Hello Hello Everyone!     It’s been way too long since I blogged, and I’ve missed it.    Albeit, I have been crazy busy getting married, starting a real estate career, and remodeling our house from stem to stern. So I’m … Continue reading

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Why The F*CK Are You Not Sweating?!?!?

You may notice over the course of the next several months that my blogs are going to focus primarily on the gym, the people at the gym, what I’m eating (or not eating, or want to eat but can’t), progress … Continue reading

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My Ass Hurts… And Not in a Good Way

So, last week, I started week zero of what will ultimately be a 12 week program at Body by Frame.    The first 6 weeks gets me to my October “wedding” ceremony and 6 weeks following that, we’re supposed to be … Continue reading

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