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Breakups and Butt Hurt

*WARNING*  Carrie is in an epically shittastic mood, is sick as a dog, and pissed off about something completely not related to this blog.   I have absolutely no censor, and if I come across as angry, that’s because I am.   … Continue reading

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I Love My Pajamas

In the spirit of the holidays, I’m taking some down time to just be with my kiddos, lounge around in pajama pants all day and refusing to do anything that requires more than nominal effort to complete. And I love … Continue reading

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On Friendship, Gratitude and Love

Just a little bit ago, I received a beautiful email from one of my best friends on the planet, celebrating friendships that have spanned decades.   And the way I felt reading what I mean to another human, as well as … Continue reading

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Being Authentic – A Lesson From My Dad

I got to spend some time today with my dad.   Dad is, and always has been, one of the most important and influential men in my life.   In some ways this is good, some make me want to stick my … Continue reading

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Want It…. Because It Doesn’t Want Me

Things you can’t have are always alluring.  The stuff you work for is always worth more than the stuff that is handed to you, right?   While you may enjoy things that are simply offered, given without you having to put … Continue reading

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Me Me Me Me MEEEEEEEEEE… and Dating.

In celebration of the 50 or so new fans on my Facebook page this week, I thought I would do a little “Getting to Know Carrie” blog.   In case y’all were too lazy to scroll back to February when I … Continue reading

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What a Week

I’m sorry I’ve been off the grid for a while.   Instead of emotionally vomiting everything about my life on my blog for the entire interweb to discover, I have made a choice at the moment to keep some of my … Continue reading

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