Epoxy Countertops, Plywood Plank Floors and Mosaic Fireplace DIY

Hello Hello Everyone!     It’s been way too long since I blogged, and I’ve missed it.    Albeit, I have been crazy busy getting married, starting a real estate career, and remodeling our house from stem to stern. So I’m working on a series of “How-To” posts on the following projects we have tackled. 1.  Epoxy Countertops – so much fun, inexpensive, and can really liven up a dated kitchen without shelling out $8000 for granite counters! counters 2.  Plywood Plank Flooring – Not for the faint of heart.  Lots of work, but when you have a huge amount of square footage to cover on a shoestring budget, and hate the look/feel of laminate, you can create the look of reclaimed wood or longleaf pine with PLYWOOD. livingroomfloorsoffice 3. Glass Mosaic –  We have an ugly, dated 80’s cultured marble fireplace surround, which is my current DIY project.   Easy (though time consuming) update?   Glass mosaic.   It’s not for everyone, but can be designed as fun and funky as you want. fireplace   That’s all for now, folks!    Check back soon for detailed instructions on renovating your home on a shoestring budget.    Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses to Epoxy Countertops, Plywood Plank Floors and Mosaic Fireplace DIY

  1. Larry Huff says:

    Gotta have ’em! Perfect for my cabin kitchen *and* redo in old rock house! Style! Look what your artist’s soul discovered! My word! If you were to sit down and think it through, how many could you sell for $4000? Installed… Damn! Pure fucking genius! Sign ’em too! Everybody be wanting a “Carrie Ryan Kitchen.”

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  2. Hurry up with your “how to” would you please. I love the counter-tops, beautiful and the floors, I want them.

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