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Motherhood, Thanks For Kicking Me in the Face

Kids are hands down the best thing, ever.  How I can say that after the last few weeks living in the depths of parenting Hell is beyond me, but I can utter those words with only a brief hesitation. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Day My Spanx Tried to Kill Me: Foundation Garments are the Devil

So y’all know my best girl Cat is getting hitched in T-minus 11 days and counting, right?   Well, when I found out the news four weeks ago, I decided it was a good idea to love the gym and reintroduce … Continue reading

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I don’t have time to sit down and write an actual bloggity this morning afternoon, since my little darlings allowed me to sleep in until 11:30.   I would like to think it’s because they were being sweet, and knew I … Continue reading

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I Will Not Lose My Mind, I Will Not Lose My Mind

I’ve found that the very act of blogging about stuff helps me process it and figure out how to handle it, whether this stuff is positive or negative. Today, I’m running with negative.  Friday started out well, I was rested-ish … Continue reading

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Motherhood and its Many Blessings

Before I had children, I had this Pollyanna view of parenting.  I would NEVER be the mother who let their toddler roam around a grocery store in their tattered Halloween costume, eating a sucker and rocking a Burger King paper … Continue reading

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Interrogation – Tiny People Style

After a lengthy discussion with my ex recently, we decided it was time to let the girls know we have been going on dates with people, and to explain to our little folk how this works, what this means for … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up, I’m Going to Be an Artist

I’ve said that since I was a little kid.  Well, with the exception of the brief periods where I wanted to be a veterinarian and a movie star.  From the time I was just a wee freckle faced girl, I’ve … Continue reading

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