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Marriage Equality! The End is Coming… Oh, Wait… Maybe Not

The past 24 hours, my Facebook and Twitter feed have been overtaken by beautiful rainbows of harmonious love, happiness, and joy.    Aside from a handful of narrow minded bigotry, the United States survived not only the recognition of marriage … Continue reading

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Maybe Not a Fairy Tale, But It’s Been A Hell of a Year!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary since the husfriend brow beat me into agreeing to a first date with him even though I was sick as a dog from Cedar Fever and was having difficulty finding the energy to get … Continue reading

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Dating Tips From the Trenches Number How The Fuck Do I Remember, I’m Not Dating Anymore…

You know how a stereotype becomes a stereotype?   Because there are enough examples of the behavior to make a gross generalization globally recognizable in humorous anecdotal tales or zingy jabs. Let’s take, for example, the jaded, bitter female divorcee.   We … Continue reading

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A Sleepover, Chest Pains and A Proposal… Oh My!

So, how was your week, y’all?   Last weekend was quite a doozy for me, I’ll tell ya what.    First, I was getting ready for my daughter’s big slumber party on Friday the 16th, running on about 4 hours of sleep … Continue reading

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What, What… WHAT?!?!?

  Yep, it’s true.   And I’ve got a blog in the works with a catch up of everything that’s been going on lately, including my mom’s hospital scare, my daughter’s slumber party, the surprise proposal, the super exciting wedding plans, … Continue reading

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A House and a Yard and a Garage, Oh My!

It may be Monday, but I woke up from 7 solid hours of sleep with a grin on my face despite having to pull the world’s most severe wedgie from my ass and two crankalicious children who needed to be … Continue reading

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Laughter, Facebook and Being Inappropriate in the Best Way

A lot of people lately are inquiring about my relationship status.   On my Facebook RMR page, in my personal life, random people in restaurants.    I figure I’ll cover all the bases and fill y’all in here.   Because what better place … Continue reading

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