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At a Loss

I have no idea what to do when it comes to my eldest daughter.   Up until the past year, I’ve had this parenting thing down, easy peasy.   Newborns?  Give them the boob and a dry diaper, they’re happy.   Infants, pretty … Continue reading

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Bring It!

I’m sitting on my patio, small people tucked into their beds, watching a beautiful display of lightning and wishing for more rain. Seriously, there are few things I love more than an awesome display of window rattling, scare the dog, … Continue reading

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Nosy Neighbors

I have this neighbor who is the biggest buttinski ever.    She’s probably 50ish, and all she does is walk around with her stupid little Chihuahua, who is a complete asshole and bites my ankles every time I’m out and walk … Continue reading

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Thelma and LouWeezie

Friendships spanning for damn near three decades are bound to come with stories.   My relationship with Weezie is no exception.  We’ve got some stories, some old, some new, some pretty tame ones and some that will never be shared with … Continue reading

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What Feeds You?

It doesn’t matter that I’m running on 5 hours of sleep and have a super long day ahead of me.  It doesn’t matter that I’m behind on laundry, desperately need to mop my floors, and almost as desperately need to … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, Bitches!

Yes!  Yes!  YES!  It’s Friday, the weekend, and I’ve been impatiently awaiting its arrival since my last weekend rudely ended before I was ready.   Stupid two day weekend, how’s a girl supposed to cram enough fun into two days out … Continue reading

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Crankypants, Line One!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  Not sure why it was wrong, since it’s the same side I get out of every day, but I woke up scowling at the planet, and it didn’t … Continue reading

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