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Why This Mom is Furious Over the Caitlyn Jenner News

It’s not why you may think.   I’m not about to hop up here on my high horse and preach about “normalcy” and what it means to be a woman.    I’m not here to spread more hate, more fear … Continue reading

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Why Victimizing Josh Duggar Slaps His and Other Abuse Victims in the Face

We live in a society built on appearances.   Children are taught to fear the creepy, weird looking dude down the street or watch out for someone who looks/acts/speaks differently than they do.    We are trained to embrace those … Continue reading

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Maybe Not a Fairy Tale, But It’s Been A Hell of a Year!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary since the husfriend brow beat me into agreeing to a first date with him even though I was sick as a dog from Cedar Fever and was having difficulty finding the energy to get … Continue reading

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I Want, I Need, I Deserve…

You know what happens when you wake up at 3am, don’t turn on the TV, and sit in the quiet for hours before finally giving up and going for a run in the dark?   You think.   You think a lot. … Continue reading

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Kids Don’t Need to Hear That Shit

I’ll be the first person to admit I don’t have all the answers when it comes to parenting.   Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of obstacles raising my daughters, concerns, mistakes, and all of the fun stuff that comes … Continue reading

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Rainbows, Puppies and All Things Sparkly…

Please excuse me while I ride the Happy Train to OMG, Please Make Her Stop Grinning Like an Idiot Town this morning.    But dammit, 2011 was an evil bitch on wheels, and 2012 seems to have made up for it … Continue reading

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A House and a Yard and a Garage, Oh My!

It may be Monday, but I woke up from 7 solid hours of sleep with a grin on my face despite having to pull the world’s most severe wedgie from my ass and two crankalicious children who needed to be … Continue reading

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