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Why The F*CK Are You Not Sweating?!?!?

You may notice over the course of the next several months that my blogs are going to focus primarily on the gym, the people at the gym, what I’m eating (or not eating, or want to eat but can’t), progress … Continue reading

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Blog Tag… Whatcha Wanna Know?

I love it when I get to do these fun blog tags, it’s like those questionnaires I used to fill out for hours in my teens.  I loved them!     So, I was quite tickled when I got to play this … Continue reading

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Say Yes to the Dress? Big Bliss? Rant Ahead, Look Out!

I’m the last girl who’s gonna hate on a woman for embracing her curves and loving her body regardless of size.   Hell, you’re talking to a chick who has an ass the size of Nebraska and I happen to think … Continue reading

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Dating Tips From the Trenches Number How The Fuck Do I Remember, I’m Not Dating Anymore…

You know how a stereotype becomes a stereotype?   Because there are enough examples of the behavior to make a gross generalization globally recognizable in humorous anecdotal tales or zingy jabs. Let’s take, for example, the jaded, bitter female divorcee.   We … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought

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I Want, I Need, I Deserve…

You know what happens when you wake up at 3am, don’t turn on the TV, and sit in the quiet for hours before finally giving up and going for a run in the dark?   You think.   You think a lot. … Continue reading

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Hey There Tough Guy… Want to Say That to My Face?

What’s up with people who have a need to post nasty crap to others they don’t know just because they did a Google search and have their butts puckered over something a person says? I got home this afternoon from … Continue reading

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