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Puffy Faced and Snotty

Yay, it’s mold allergy time!   Just when you’ve gotten over the Cedar Fever, Central Texas hands you a delightful gem of an allergen in the form of MOLD. So, y’all will have to excuse my looking like hammered shit for … Continue reading

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Dating Tips From the Trenches – He’s Not My Daddy

You know what?   This whole dating post-divorce/kids thing is a lot more complicated than dating when you’re 25 years old and have nothing to think about but your cat.   And really, if you are considering your cat as a factor … Continue reading

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Breathing Into a Bag – Let’s Play House!

Well, folks, the cat is out of the bag.   At least to the people I needed to check in with before announcing any major life decisions regarding myself and my daughters.  After tiptoeing around the past month, and trying to … Continue reading

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Dating Tips From the Trenches – Flirting 101

You know those women who get all butt hurt when their dude flirts with other girls, or points out women on TV who are hot? Yeah, I’m not one of them.  I believe that flirting is one of those things … Continue reading

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Rocker Mom PSA – Thinking Things Through

I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my life.  Like, a lot.  Here are a list of beauty tasks you should never, and I mean NEVER do in a hurry or drunk.   Or worse, in a hurry AND drunk. … Continue reading

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My Rules About Facebook

Newsflash – I have rules about everything.   There are rules surrounding how a person should act in public (must wear pants), in a relationship (must avoid the special places of others), in a restaurant (must not scrape teeth on forks), … Continue reading

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You’ll Find the Manners on Aisle Three

I’ve been bombarded lately with folks who have terrible manners.    And by terrible manners, I mean, rude as fuck in general. This bothers me more than I can say.   What is wrong with people these days?   Where have social niceties … Continue reading

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