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Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

Y’all have probably been painfully aware of my epic funk lately.  And I apologize for being Suzy Downer, because it’s really not my style to be all shitty and blah.  On the same note, it is my blog and a … Continue reading

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Girl Party… Yay!

You know when you meet a person and it feels like you’ve been friends forever?  It’s that easy, no stupid awkwardness instant friendship? Well, a girl I met back in November 2007 is en route to my house right now … Continue reading

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Carrie’s Blog – A Reader’s Guide

A dear friend of mine and I were chatting on the phone the other night about some of the random phrases I have picked up or created and use frequently.   We were laughing hysterically at them, and of course, being … Continue reading

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Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Paintings – New!

In the interest of shameless self promotion, I’m posting my latest two paintings for y’all today.   Both are Day of the Dead, or Sugar Skulls.   One is brighter, on a hot pink background, with lots of vivid flowers. The other … Continue reading

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Emo Train… I’d Like to Stop Now, Thanks!

For fuck’s sake, I’m really over whatever this random girl stupid emotional thing that has put me in a choke hold.   Yes, I know all things considering I have every right to immerse myself in a full on shit bag … Continue reading

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Natalie Dee Makes Me Laugh

If you don’t already, I highly recommend you check out every day for one of the funniest online comics… ever. She’s inappropriate, sarcastic, and hysterical. You’re welcome.

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Iced Coffee and a Smiling Dog

My posts the past few days have been pretty serious and leaning toward mushy.  I have been in a bit of an introspective mood, so as I sip gulp down my iced coffee and prepare to enter “work Carrie” mode, … Continue reading

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