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I’d Like a Cup of Give Me a Break With a Side of Obvious, Much?

Let’s play out a scenario, shall we?   You just broke up with a long term bf/husband/lover.    You’re in that place where you need to be validated, have a little ego boost.  So what do you do? Having been there, done … Continue reading

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Confession – I Am OCD

You might think I’m joking, but I had a bona fide degree holding psychologist diagnose me with mild OCD when I was all of 21.     Here I thought all this time it was just a darling personality trait stemming from … Continue reading

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Crying – Men vs. Women

WHY MEN CRY: 1 – Someone kicked them in the nuts 2 – Someone close to them or significant in their life dies 3 – Their favorite team lost the SuperBowl 4 – They are cutting an onion 5 – … Continue reading

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Dating Tips From the Trenches – The Man Cave

I read several blogs during my down time, and I came across a Q & A regarding men and communication as I was sitting here rehydrating after kicking my own ass at the gym today (Go me, btw!).    A woman … Continue reading

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A Boy, A Girl and A Gnome Go To San Francisco

Tonight, we have a guest blogger.   Gnome Solo, my boyfriend’s travel buddy, cousin to Han Solo.   Since he accompanied us on our first trip together, he asked quite politely (I think he was hungover) on the flight home, as he … Continue reading

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“I Love You” Translated – A Rocker Mom PSA

Sorry I’ve been off the radar the past week, readers.  I’ve taken a bit of a mental health break, and haven’t had a whole lot to say that wasn’t very personal, which explains the lack of blogging.   But, I’m back … Continue reading

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Divorce Ain’t Easy, Even if it’s Not Ugly

You reach a point in your life when it seems it’s the era of marriages ending.   Somehow, about a decade in, once the kids are older, once you’ve evolved as a person, as an adult in your 30’s, you find … Continue reading

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