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Cheating and Excuses and Bullshit, Oh My!

It’s funny how certain topics come to the surface in my life and provide fodder for the bloggity.   In the past several months, the topic of cheating, infidelity, monogamy, etc has come up.  With my girlfriends, with my guy friends, … Continue reading

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Dreams and Nightmares

It’s 1:37 am and I’m sitting at my laptop, shaking like a leaf, and trying to be calm.   The reason?  Paralyzing nightmare.  Horrible, shook me to the core. I have these sometimes.  I suppose it’s the price to pay for … Continue reading

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Dating Tips From the Trenches – Crazy Train Express

There seems to be a theme lately amongst the people I know, friends, family, fans of the RMR page regarding relationships.    I suppose since the holiday break up period is over, there is a resurgence of new connections that are … Continue reading

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Clearing My Head

They say your home is a reflection of your state of mind.  If that’s the case, I’ve been severely fucked in the head for about 6 months.   I mean, I get it that I gave up being SuperWife when my … Continue reading

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It’s Random List Time!

I haven’t posted a list about me recently, so since I’m needing a bit of a pat on the ass lately, I figured I would pat my own ass and make a list all about me. Because if you can’t … Continue reading

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I got a call last night while I was tucking in my kiddos into bed.   I checked my voicemail, and found it was one of the owners of the wine bar where 12 of my paintings are hanging. He was … Continue reading

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Who Posted a Memo?

Have you ever noticed when you start dating someone that all of a sudden every dude who has ever expressed an interest in dating you or seeing your special places comes out out of the woodworks? I swear there is … Continue reading

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