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I’m So Proud

My daughters are as different as can be.  The eldest has been competitive from day one when it comes to doing things right.   She spoke early, walked early, read early, and wants to be the absolute best at everything when … Continue reading

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I’m a Princess!

This weekend made up for so much of the shitty shitty stuff that has been happening in the past few months.   On Friday, I was just blah, and had decided to cancel my birthday party.  One of my dearest friends … Continue reading

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Gonna Cut a Bitch

Dear Wednesday: I hate you.  I hate how you started (for me at TWO FUCKING AM, thankyouverymuch), I hate your middle, and well, your end is TBD.   I’m hoping wine and blogging will smooth the edges of the rest of … Continue reading

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Girl Love

I had prepared to rant today about how I wanted to tell the world to fuck off.  About how stupid people were, how much work is sucking the life out of me… Instead, my friend Cat called, and we got … Continue reading

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A Monday List

Here’s my day, in an easy to read list format.   Because I’m too freaking tired to type out lengthy paragraphs, but my little darlings are still not asleep, which means I can’t go to sleep, so I am blogging and … Continue reading

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Where Did the Time Go?

My mother always told me to savor every minute, because once you have children, time flies by faster than you can keep up with.   Of course, I didn’t know what she was talking about until I did, indeed have children … Continue reading

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For the Love of Shoes

I went out today to find a dress to wear for a night out in a couple of weeks.   As much as I love my little kimono dresses and cowboy boots, they just won’t cut it for the night I … Continue reading

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