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A Post That Touched Me

I read the following on Facebook this morning while my white lab, Rosie nudged my feet, begging me to play ball with her.   When I finished reading, I had tears running down my face, and I got down on the … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Inappropriate, Shall We? *Warning – Adult Content*

Soooooooooooooooo anyway, my posts lately have leaned toward the serious side.  Or the sappy side, or the OMG Please Shoot Me In The Face If She Posts Another “I’m All In Love and Shit, Let’s Talk About My Pretty New … Continue reading

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Kids Don’t Need to Hear That Shit

I’ll be the first person to admit I don’t have all the answers when it comes to parenting.   Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of obstacles raising my daughters, concerns, mistakes, and all of the fun stuff that comes … Continue reading

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Hey There Tough Guy… Want to Say That to My Face?

What’s up with people who have a need to post nasty crap to others they don’t know just because they did a Google search and have their butts puckered over something a person says? I got home this afternoon from … Continue reading

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Rainbows, Puppies and All Things Sparkly…

Please excuse me while I ride the Happy Train to OMG, Please Make Her Stop Grinning Like an Idiot Town this morning.    But dammit, 2011 was an evil bitch on wheels, and 2012 seems to have made up for it … Continue reading

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Oh No, You’re Butt Hurt? I Have a Cream For That.

The interweb is a funny place.   And by “funny” I mean “not normal.”    Why is that, you ask?   There are two main types of people who are online.    There are the ones who act like they act in person, whose … Continue reading

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A House and a Yard and a Garage, Oh My!

It may be Monday, but I woke up from 7 solid hours of sleep with a grin on my face despite having to pull the world’s most severe wedgie from my ass and two crankalicious children who needed to be … Continue reading

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