Girl Love

I had prepared to rant today about how I wanted to tell the world to fuck off.  About how stupid people were, how much work is sucking the life out of me…

Instead, my friend Cat called, and we got to catch up about everything that is happening in our lives.  Let me tell you, it was exactly what I needed tonight.   Because really, I’m stressed out so badly, wound so tight, I’m a walking billboard for high blood pressure.  I don’t even have high blood pressure, but I feel like I’m being pulled in a million directions, when all I want to do is just be able to chill out and BREATHE for five minutes.

So, talking to Cat, I got to forget the crazy work stuff, the personal stuff, every little stress that is weighing on me.  I got to just be Carrie, the real me, not the one who everyone thinks is tough as fucking nails and can handle anything.

With Cat, and with my nearest and dearest, I can just let my guard down, share what’s bothering me, and know that whatever advice I am given comes from the heart, from someone who will always have my back.

So, thank you my dear friend for being a sounding board, for making me laugh, as always, and for allowing me to get this off my chest, and go to bed without worrying I’m going to wake up at 3am in a panic attack.  (Like I did this morning, let me tell you, I was not a happy camper.)  I certainly hope you can make it to town this weekend for my birthday party, because I owe you a tequila shot for your birthday, and one for being possibly one of the best people I have ever known in my life. Then a few more, because hey, that’s what tequila shots are for.

I love you, girlie.  Be prepared, because this Honey Badger is going to be showing up at your crib in the near future, once this shit storm at work has passed, and we will have a slumber party the likes of which New Town has never seen!


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2 Responses to Girl Love

  1. Well first, thanks for making me all goofy and bawly as I am trying to write something funny! Second- you’re sorta an awesome friend yourself…always at the ready to shop, show up with bail $ or help bury a dumb boy body…you my sweet-fierce-epic friend, are priceless! Love you , Honey Badger! PS DId you say tequila shots???

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